“The Inn” – West Virginia Property

 We’ve experienced a miracle of God! ~Steve Wingfield

Several months ago, Steve received a call from a friend inviting him to come see property.  Steve responded, “I’m a preacher! I don’t have money for property.”

But Steve’s friend insisted he had to see the property.

Soon, Steve found himself on a ridge of this property in West Virginia.  God spoke to Steve’s heart and told him clearly who the property belonged to Paul Weaver.

Steve took some time to think about what God had said, and then invited Paul Weaver to come see the property.  Paul stopped Steve and said, “I just got cold chills.  Gladys and I are looking for property.”

Upon seeing the property, Paul Weaver said, “This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

After spending the day at the property and committing it to the Lord, Paul said, “Steve, I don’t want this property.  I just want access to it.  Why don’t I write a check and let the ministry buy it?”

That’s exactly what happened, and the vision for The Lodestar Mountain Inn at Smokehole was born.

The property is completely debt free, and the vision is to bring hope and healing to veterans, military personnel, first responders, and their spouses.  The facility will also be welcoming pastors and business leaders with their respective spouses.  The location of this property is not only perfect for hunting and fishing, but it’s also coveted by astronomers for its freedom from light pollution.  It is absolutely beautiful!

“The presence of God is all over this place,” Steve says.  “And I want everyone to be a part of it.”

There are going to be a total of 12 units to house people at The Lodestar Mountain Inn at Smokehole.

Why call it an inn?

Steve says, “Because of the Good Samaritan’s Inn.”

Your financial help is critical to building these 12 units to help get The Lodestar Mountain Inn at Smokehole ready for hurting people and for those who are wanting a quiet space to seek the Lord.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy this place,” Steve says.

If you would like to visit the property, please contact Steve to arrange a tour, (800) 729-2239.

“I want you to pray,” Steve says.  “We need at least a million dollars to get this place where it needs to be.”

That’s a lot of money.  But God has already provided for the property!  He will finish what He starts.

Donate Now

Would you like to volunteer to help with the property?  Please contact the office at (800) 729-2239.



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