Aside from seeing people come to an understanding of the love and mercy of God, what I miss the most about Victory Weekend events is the moment when the hundreds in attendance applaud and cheer for our first responders and military personnel.  Showing gratitude and appreciation to heroes who made a selfless decision to serve others is the least that grateful people can do.  On Friday, September 18, we had the privilege of serving a warm lunch to 160 police officers, firefighters, and EMTs consisting of pork barbeque, potatoes, green beans, and local favorite, Strites Donuts.  The theme for this blessing upon our heroes was, “Red, brown, yellow, black, white, and blue, all are precious in His sight.”

It was an amazing time and every first responder we served knew that we were there because we strongly value the services these incredible people provide.  We thank God for their dedication, commitment, and lives, and we promise to lift them up in prayer daily. I encourage you, wherever you may be, to find ways to bless those who invest in your community.  If you are out to lunch and you notice a nurse, say “thank you” or pay for their meal.  Open a door for a veteran and thank them for their service.  Whatever opportunity presents itself, make the most of it and bless those who have vowed to be there for us!