Why Galas?

Many Christians struggle under the weight of the responsibilities of daily life. Often that can bring discouragement, loss of purpose, or the feeling of falling short of God’s best.

Come to the Table emphasizes the joy that we, as believers, should be radiating to the world and celebrates the often-forgotten spiritual discipline of hospitality and its importance in today’s culture. Through a gala event, guests are challenged to cultivate a lifestyle of hospitality.

The elegance and gracious setting of a gala event offers guests a time to celebrate life. The warm and beautiful ambiance welcomes the guests into an atmosphere of radical hospitality. Everyone is honored and served. Joy and celebration are used as the means to share Christ, and people are saying yes to Jesus through these events. Our goal is for each person to leave this gathering encouraged, energized to embrace the gift of hospitality, and committed to sharing love and joy at every opportunity.

This message has touched a nerve and revealed a deep and overlooked need in today’s churches – to change an alarming perception of Christians by the unchurched. According to recent research by George Barna, Christians in North America are viewed by the unchurched as “boring, judgmental and hypocritical.” This is our attempt to change this image by encouraging the body of Christ to bless themselves and others through the practice of joyous living. As Charles Spurgeon said, “Joy is God’s missionary.”

From beginning to end of each gala, each guest is surrounded by music and visual celebration. We have carefully created an extensive resource area where the information on these themes is made available. Each item has been carefully selected with the intent of encouraging and equipping participants to develop and use the gift of hospitality as a means of outreach and evangelism.