Dear friends,

This fall, Barb and I are taking an amazing journey, and we really want you to prayerfully consider joining us!  Monday, September 20 – Sunday, October 3, 2021, we will be touring the Holy Land and immersing ourselves into the rich culture and history of this spectacular region.  Even though I have been blessed to lead this pilgrimage many times over the years, each trip is unique and the Lord reveals something new every time.

We will tour and visit Jordan, Petra, Mitzpe Ramon, Jericho, Galilee, Caesarea Maritima, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.  These historical landmarks are beautiful and relevant in our Christian faith.  Gazing at the same calm waters or breathtaking vistas once looked upon by the great men and women in the Bible is a truly amazing experience.  As you walk these magnificent paths, you can literally feel the history surrounding you.  Knowing that Jesus Himself may have looked upon the same view or walked the same path as you is a feeling that words cannot describe.

If you have ever dreamed of touring the Holy Land, make that dream a reality!  Call our office and speak to Terry Wyant-Vargo to get started on your journey!