Greeting friends!

As you read this letter, I am traveling with Barb and a group of friends through the Holy Land. I find it a blessing every time I walk these dusty roads. No matter how many times I have had the pleasure of being here, God reveals something new to me each time.

It is fitting that we are here to begin the month of April. In just a few weeks, we enter into the remembrance of the most important sequence of events ever recorded in history: the trial, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Barb and I pray that this holy time will be a season of reflection on how much you are loved by your Heavenly Father.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of what our ministry is all about. Just as Jesus showed His everlasting love for all mankind, it is our mission to boldly proclaim this love. In order to ensure that our mission will continue, we have an important event happening in just 17 days: the Great Community Give. This one-day online fundraising event is being carefully coordinated by the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County as their way to give back to local nonprofits who have enriched the lives of so many. We are proud to be considered one of these organizations.

For more information and details on how you can help us, I encourage you to click on the “Ways to Help” tab and select Great Community Give, or simply click

Together, we can spread the message of Jesus’ everlasting, never ceasing love for generations to come.