Have you ever taken the time to stop and ponder?

A few days ago I had the privilege to stay at the Lodestar Mountain Inn at Smoke Hole, West Virginia. I was just really enjoying the presence of God and His masterful creation that surrounded me. Early that morning, I was watching the sun begin to peek over the top of the mountains as I was reading 1 Peter 1. In the latter verses of this chapter, we learn that God’s Word endures, and one day all of this “stuff” will vanish and be no more. His Word will not merely endure, but endure forever.

The power of His Word is what touched my heart and radically transformed my life in 1970, and it is still touching my heart today, all of these years later. His calling to reach a new generation and to equip a new generation to do the work of evangelism has never been stronger! We spread the good news of Jesus to an ever-changing world, however the Word never changes.

It is my prayer that in the coming days, you too will seek God to make Himself as real to you as the day you first asked Him into your heart. May you understand that Scripture has promised us that His Word and love endures forever and ever. Amen!