Like most of you, I sat and watched in horror the events that unfolded in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. On news programs from coast to coast, so-called “experts” attempted to explain why tragedies are happening, discuss what we can do to prevent them, and finding anything, but the obvious, to blame. We need to face the cold, hard truth: It is imperative that we change the character in America.

In days gone by, student problems in schools included talking during instruction or chewing gum in class. Today, students must face drugs, gangs, bullying, or worse. The time is now for us to instill strong, biblical character into the lives of our children. Not through chastising or brow beating them into submission but by teaching and role modeling what it means to be compassionate, feel empathy, be accountable and honest, and have courage, as well as taking ownership of their future. If we, as adults, choose to sit back and idly watch, we are the ones to blame. If you saw your neighbor’s house on fire, what would you do? Well friends, America is on fire and smoke clouds are thick and billowing. It is time to act!

This is why the staff and I feel so strongly about the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program. Lodestar Guidance teaches individuals how to lead and live more effectively. Through 48 Christ-centered qualities of great character, Lodestar Guidance can shape our culture, our interactions and the way we treat people everyday! I urge you to pray about the young people in your life, whether it is a youth group at church, an after school program, or even a school and please consider gifting these vital programs with the Lodestar Guidance course. You can help us expand the platform of Lodestar Guidance. Whether it is positive or negative, something is going to influence the youth of our country. Would you agree that it is about time we start teaching children strong character once again?

If you feel that the Lord is speaking to you about leaving a life-long legacy on today’s youth through Lodestar Guidance, please call our office at (800) 729-2239.