“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28 (NIV).

Sometimes, life can be tough and it can really beat a person up. Even the most devout Christian who has placed their faith and life in Jesus can grow weary and tired.

A lot of us have been there – the parents who watch as their child is battling disease; the spouse in despair as they cling to their fractured marriage; the child who cares for a sick parent; the pastor who has placed the needs of his or her church family ahead of his or her own; the mom and dad who cannot make ends meet despite their best efforts; the veteran who is having difficulty transitioning back into civilian life. We all have those burdens that weigh us down, and sometimes we feel as if we cannot take another step.

It is in these moments of our greatest trials that we need reminding that while we feel as if we have nothing left and that the night cannot get any darker, we have hope – hope that our cries will be heard; hope that our burden will be lifted; hope that a better tomorrow is rising with the sun. That hope is in Jesus Christ.

It is the prayer of this ministry that the Lodestar Mountain Inn will be a place where hope can be found. It will be a place of rest and restoration for the weary and heavily burdened. All who have visited the inn have stood in awe at the serenity and peace of God’s wonderful creation.

God has blessed us throughout this project. His hands have been at work, as the Lodestar Mountain Inn is truly an act of God. We are amazed at how the Lord has orchestrated His great plan.

You too can get involved in helping us complete this project. Help us build the dream of the Lodestar Mountain Inn by helping us meet the match. Through the rest of the year, we are involved in a matching challenge opportunity. This will allow you to double your impact for Christ, up to a total of $300,000.

I thank you for your prayers, your friendship, and your support.

With hope,