Dear Friends,

As I am sure you are aware of by now, the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program is a part of SWEA. We are eagerly looking forward to working with such an amazing program that is making a positive effect on our world. I was proud to be asked to appear in every principle video, and most importantly, I am grateful for the life and vision of my dear friend Paul Weaver. I am thankful that our Lord would speak the words of such a life-changing curriculum through him.

I wholeheartedly believe in Lodestar Guidance because of the example that I have witnessed from Paul’s life and his business, Weaver Leather. These 48 principles came from his heart, given to him directly from God. Every principle highlighted are character traits that can be traced back to great men and women of the Bible. Paul and all of the outstanding employees of Weaver Leather are immersed in Lodestar Guidance. This program is teaching employees to live and lead more effectively and more intentionally.

It is very rare that you find a program with the unique ability to cultivate your walk with the Lord as well as help you in business. We are seeing amazing results from various genres of life and business. Churches, schools, first responders, small and large businesses, and even families are reaping the benefits of a program that equips us with the tools required to live and lead as the Lord would have us to.

I encourage you to look into the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program for yourself. Visit to learn what Lodestar is all about. It is a great program with potentially greater long-term effects on the lives of many!