Dear friends,

Happy New Year!

A new year presents us all with a unique opportunity – a chance to “reset” and “start over.” It gives us an ability to finish the things we may have started the previous year and a time to refocus our goals for the upcoming year and reflect on what we need to do to obtain them.

I am proud to be affiliated with the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program. Lodestar Guidance offers a training curriculum of 48 positive character traits that will help you live and lead effectively. These 48 principles are attributes that we all should strive to possess. Utilizing these lifestyle behaviors will have a lasting impact on every aspect of your life, both personally and professionally. Lodestar Guidance is developing leaders for a new generation.

I urge you to visit the Lodestar Guidance website at This website is full of information about the program and the multitude of ways that the program can help you reach your goals in 2018.

May this new year bring you blessings and a chance to positively impact your world for Christ!

Very hopeful,