Greetings! I pray your 2019 is off to a successful start and that you are still holding resolute with all of the New Year’s resolutions you made just two weeks ago. In this new year, our team is excited and expectant of great things! However, one of the many things I am thrilled about is what the Lodestar Guidance curriculum will mean to us as well as everyone who participates in the amazing leadership training course.

If you still do not know what Lodestar Guidance is, it is a leadership training program created by my good friend Paul Weaver. Paul is the owner and CEO of one the largest leather companies in the country, and he has taught this program, instilling its core principles, to his employees for years. Lodestar Guidance takes 48 leadership principles and lays them out in a biblical perspective as well as real world applications in your work and life. This program equips leaders with the tools needed to radically affect their world. It teaches leaders to lead more effectively so that we all may be better servants for the Lord.

I encourage you to research the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program.  You can find the information on our website or you can call Luke Weaver at our office. This is an amazing opportunity for your small group, church board, or Sunday School class. The Lodestar Guidance program will foster positive change that will dramatically impact the difference you will make for Christ!