Dear Friends,

July is here and with it we recognize the birthday of America and the ideals of freedom and justice, breaking the chains of tyrannical rule.  It is a time to celebrate the freedoms that a lot of Americans take for granted.  Although many of the Fourth of July festivities and celebrations will not look the same due to social distancing guidelines, it is a time we should thank the Lord for daily.  Lately, there has been talk of the “greatness” of America, and this notion has been heavily scrutinized, both fairly and unfairly.  The beauty of America is not only what we are currently; it is the fact that we have the ability to continue striving to be better and to make the lives of every American more fulfilled in our amazing country.  We have the ability grow as citizens; thus, growing as a country.  Not every country has that opportunity.  

This idea is similar to our Christian walk.  Think back to when you were first saved and Jesus entered your life and you were changed.  Have you evolved in your journey with the Lord?  Have you grown and matured in your Bible study?  Have you made changes in your lifestyle that is more pleasing to God?  Odds are you answered each of these questions with a resounding, “Yes!”

During these days of celebration, please make it a priority to pray for our country.  Make time to pray for our elected leaders, even those you may not have voted for.  You can see for yourself that we are in the midst of a very divisive time.  Both political sides have made all of this about politics and government.  This cannot be changed by some kind of sweeping government lead reform or legislation.  What we are facing is a matter of the heart.  As a country, we have leaned on government for far too long!  It is time we start leaning on the King of Kings, the King of Presidents, and the very One who created “We the People.” Humble yourself and seek the Lord’s face!