Dear Friends,

Recently, I received an invitation to share the gospel at the Shenandoah District Family Camp Meeting in Culloden, West Virginia. Camp meeting holds a special place in my heart as it is a place where folks come together and seek the Lord. Camp meetings also had great significance within the evangelistic movements throughout the world over the decades. In frontier days, during the “Second Great Awakening,” these revival camps would be widespread spanning from Georgia to Michigan. In the writings of individuals who were at these events, they wrote that at some camps there were over 20,000 people in attendance. Everyone was welcomed to these meetings, regardless of social or economic levels, ethnicity, or skin color. Many cities, that still stand to this day, were birthed because of one of these camp meetings. If people did not live close to the site, they would hitch their wagon to their horse and ride. Often times building a small cottage, many of the people loved the area and the presence of the Lord so much they never left. Thus creating a new town or village.

Camp meetings and revivals speak to the very heart and nature of the evangelistic movement in the United States and every part of Europe. It is proof that if the Lord is the center of what we are trying to do, people will take notice and they want to take part. The God of all creation yearns to “make camp” in your life right now. If you will allow Him, those around you will see it and want some of what you have. It is time to come together!