Dear Friends,

What a time we had at the 6th annual Memorial Day Community Celebration. It was a day full of awesome experiences for the whole family! If you looked at the skies surrounding us, you would have thought a storm was going to dampen this event. However, we serve a God who is in total control of this world. We sat in awe as we watched this major storm go, what seemed to be, out of its way to miss us at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. This storm brought heavy, sometimes flooding, rains to our area. Yet, PRAISE GOD, the rain never came within one mile of the Memorial Day Community Celebration!

Please allow me to brag on our God for a moment and paint a mental picture for you. One mile to our north, we saw downpours that were causing motorists to pull off the road because they could not see through the torrential rain. Those heading immediately to our west had to find alternative routes home as rain waters flooded many smaller bridges and roadways. On Interstate 81 to our south, only one lane was open and those traveling on this highway could only drive 30 miles per hour because of the ferocity of the rain. Finally, to our east, the mountains became invisible as a thick, dark storm cloud swallowed our beautiful valley; with what seemed to be insurmountable odds, we did not see one drop of rain on this evening of ministry! As we watched this storm miss us, the vivid imagery of God shielding us with His all-powerful hands was on full display.

Even though the crowd size was significantly lower because of this massive storm, we praise God today! We give Him all of the glory because He alone is worthy! Our Lord showed up in a BIG way, not only by shielding us from the rain but also showering His blessings on us! It truly was an evening of healing and hope.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated in this event. From food vendors, local artisans, volunteers, local churches, and businesses, we made an impact on our community. We honored 68 veterans and we saw 148 people make decisions for Christ! All of us working together, with Christ as our focus, have affected eternity. I appreciate all of you. I am humbled and blessed to minister shoulder to shoulder with each one of you. In addition, I would like to thank the countless number of people who made it a priority to pray for this event. God heard the cries of our hearts and He was the guest of honor!

Praise His Holy name!