Dear Friends,

Last week, Barb and I celebrated 45 years of marriage. For our anniversary, we returned to the place where it all began in June 1974: the beautiful Outer Banks and Nags Head, North Carolina. It was a wonderful time to get away with my best friend who has been my confidant and prayer warrior for all of these years. In too many ways to begin to describe, I am a very blessed man.

I often tell our team at the ministry that we must be ‘fluid.’ When water is flowing and something blocks its path, it simply makes a new path. It improvises. It perseveres. It is continuously moving. We must be the same way in our relationships. Whether it is a friendship, peer at our workplace, family member, or a spouse there will be roadblocks. Some will be easy to traverse and maneuver, others will not. However, if you allow God to guide your ‘flow,’ you will never go off track.

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes a few weeks ago and thank you for the anniversary greetings last week. Your prayers, friendship, and support means more to Barb and I than I could ever hope to convey.