Dear Friends,

We are about to enter the holiest time of the year. A time of reverence, reflection, compassion, and rebirth. The hours before Jesus was taken into custody He spent in anguished prayer. Anticipating what was about to unfold, He made it a priority to seek the Father’s direction and will for His sacrificial life.

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, I urge you to prepare the way for the Lord in your heart and life. Dedicate time to prayer or even fasting, and seek God’s face, heart, and true will for your life. Resurrection Day is the greatest and most amazing day in the Christian calendar. That empty tomb means one thing and one thing only – Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! He has conquered death, not only for Himself but also for every one of us. What we’re celebrating is our salvation. And to celebrate that, we should be shouting HALLELUJAH! Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! HALLELUJAH!!!

The tomb is empty – make certain Jesus is alive and well in your heart!