Dear Friends,

November has finally arrived. Our shorts and flip flops have been replaced by sweatshirts and wool socks. Our hot dogs and hamburgers have given way to chili and pumpkin pie. Finally, the most telling sign that fall has arrived is that the leaves on the trees, which were bold and brilliant green just a few weeks ago, have transformed into a colorful burst of reds and oranges.

In a typical year, the first minutes of the month of November bring out the spirit of the season; a time of reflection upon the many blessings that we have been bestowed with by an awesome God. However, this year has been anything but typical. For many in our world today, reflection upon 2020 brings out a multitude of emotions and feelings, and odds are that gratefulness is not one of them.

Even though this year has been an exception and not the rule, we still have plenty to be thankful for this season: family bonding time, dawn and dusk walks to marvel at the Lord’s creation, a moment to slow down and be “in the moment,” a loving family who supports you, and, for parents, noise cancelling headphones. These are just some of the things we can give gratitude and praise to the Lord for. I encourage you to take time to sit with your family and create your own list of what you have been thankful for during these “different” days. Focus on all of things that you have, forgetting the things you want or miss. A life of gratitude will lead to a life of contentment and more happiness!