Dear Friends,

In the November Ministry Update letter, I began discussing the origins of Thanksgiving as a recognized national holiday. After receiving many phone calls and emails from dear friends, I wanted to share with you all that, yes, I am aware that the first Thanksgiving took place right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A dedicated band of weary pilgrims who had fought the elements, waging everything on the hope of finding freedom in the new land, took time to give thanks for their many blessings. Today, you and I share many of the same blessings and should be grateful and thankful.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, join me in thanking our awesome God for the lives that have been reached through Victory Weekends, the advancements made at the Lodestar Mountain Inn, His mercy and grace, and for having the opportunity to be a part of His family.

Too many times, we are consumed with what we do not have or with the things we think we need. Remember, someone, somewhere is praying for the very things that we often take for granted. Whether it be employment, health, or family, your immense blessings may be what someone else is praying for. Please appreciate what you have and forever be grateful for those awesome gifts.