Dear Friends,

As you are well aware, we are living in very different times.  With each passing day, we are inundated with news of division, anger, anxiety, fear, and hate.  Commentators on television or radio are prescribing what their prognosis for this disease is.  While many have good ideas, they are merely placebos.  These commentators may make you think healing has arrived, but it is a mirage.  The only hope for our great nation is the Lord of lords, the King of kings.  I believe with all that is within me: it is time for the followers of Christ to arise and stand in the gap for our country.

How do we arise with such might and power?  By bowing before the Lord’s throne in prayer, believing the Lord will hear our cries and heal our incredible land.  I urge you to consider joining me in a season of fasting and prayer on behalf of America.  You can choose your style of fasting.  It can be a total fast, a meal a day, or vow to give something up.  We will be doing this everyday between now and Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

The time to sit idle and witness the decay of this country is over.  The time to act is now.