Dear Friends,

For magicians, there is a code. You never explain how you perform a trick. If a magician freely gives away the secret of the illusion, the awe and wonder is all but gone. Would you go to a magic show if you knew that the person did not saw the assistant in half or that everything you witnessed was an elaborate masquerade in which you already know how it was done? Well, I am going to let you in on a truth that everyone should already know. You do not have to have a seminary degree or be a renowned theologian to share your faith and lead people to the understanding and acceptance of the love of Jesus Christ.

When I began this path in ministry over four decades ago, I just wanted to serve. This lead to opportunities to pastor congregations, preach in foreign countries, speak to large crowds at Encounter revivals, and share Jesus to the rowdy racing fans at our Victory Weekends. In all of the forms of ministry, as diverse as they are, my goal is simple. I want to use every available means to reach every available person. Reaching this world for Jesus Christ can and should be your goal as well.

We all have influence on a specific group of people every day. We all know people who desperately need a touch of the garment of Jesus. I encourage you to make it a point to adopt this as your personal mission statement, “Each one. Reach one.” Use your influence to direct people to Jesus through your words and especially your actions. In all of your ways, reflect the love, grace, and mercy of an awesome Savior. Our God is asking all of us, just as He called me, to use every available means to reach every available person. Now, go and tell the world of the awesome wonders of our God!