Dear Friends,

This is a special time for Christians, and it is a very retrospective moment as well.  We are currently traveling the route to Golgotha’s hill, and soon we will be concentrating on the greatest act of selfless compassion ever told: the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This is the single greatest moment in history; an event that changed the trajectory of this world for all of eternity.

I want to challenge you this year to make the holiest week resonate larger in your life.  We will observe Palm Sunday, remember Maundy Thursday, reflect upon Good Friday, and celebrate Easter Sunday, all of which are important.  However, I urge you to prepare your heart by praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord during the days leading up to Holy Week.  Take this opportunity to not just merely partake in a ritual, but, rather, to immerse yourself into the presence of God.

May we live and love more like Jesus daily!