Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate and this was the case in Brooklyn, Michigan at the Juniper Hills Campground. The Victory Weekend team, joined by our dear friends Levi Riggs and the Jess Zimmerman Band, was ready for a great weekend of music, fun entertainment, and ministry.

Luckily, we were able to perform on Friday night. Both bands played a fantastic concert for the fans. These gifted musicians brought energy, passion, and excitement to the stage and it showed on the expressions of those in attendance. The crowd had a great time and so did we! After the show, it was encouraging to see the bands we are blessed to share the stage with interact and meet our awesome fans! This is truly where ministry happens, making intimate, personal connections with people!

Unfortunately, we could not provide the folks at Juniper Hills with a second night of concerts, giveaways, or honoring of our heroes. However, it is our prayer that those who shared the Friday night concert with us could sense and see the purpose in which we work so hard to give them; to share the love and grace of a merciful God, who loves them unrelentlessly.

We are happy to say that we will be returning to Brooklyn, Michigan on August 10-11, 2018, and we promise to bring twice the energy to make up for the time we missed because of the inclement weather!