Lodestar Guidance

 Engage and empower your employees, fellow church members, and family members with the inspiring principles found at Lodestar Guidance!


Our dear friend, Paul Weaver, has generously bestowed the Lodestar Guidance leadership training program upon Wingfield Ministries, Inc. We are forever grateful to Paul for his work in creating this innovative teaching tool and for entrusting this ministry to continue his great work.

 “I’m very excited about the Lodestar program and I’m honored to be a part of it.  The 48 principles will make any one of us not only a better person but a better leader.  I recommend this to families, to church leadership teams, to business team leaders, or to anyone who wants to grow spiritually and become more of who God wants you to be.”

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Lodestar Guidance Informational Handout

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Empowering Leaders. Developing Character. Enhancing Culture.

Lodestar Guidance is a comprehensive leadership program designed to transform good organizations into great ones. Structured as a series of 48 character principles, Lodestar equips your team with the tools needed to inspire positive change and enhance the culture of your organization.


Motivate employees to:

  • Study and discuss character principles
  • Reflect on and assess their character strengths
  • Identify areas to grow
  • Apply principles at work and home
  • Lead others in developing their character

Lodestar Guidance core values:

  • Leadership
  • Faith
  • Character
  • Culture

What you get:

  • Principle video lessons
  • Principle bulletins with faith inserts
  • Teaching guides
  • Online guided reflections, assessments, and tracking

For more information about Lodestar Guidance, contact Tim McAvoy at (540) 236-5982 or tim@victoryweekend.com.  You can also visit the Lodestar Guidance website by clicking here.

Already a Lodestar Guidance member?  As a way of saying thank you, we are offering Winning the Race Every Day by Steve Wingfield for a discounted rate of $10.  To order your copy today, click here!