There is no such thing as coincidence; the Lord has meticulously orchestrated every second of your day.  This means that the times you “happen” to run into the person you have not seen in years are meant to be.  It is because of this that we must take advantage of every opportunity presented to us, including those we are not aware of.  Author Brennan Manning once wrote, “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” 

Every communication, whether verbal or nonverbal, is an opportunity to speak life to someone.  To the clerk at the grocery store who is having a horrible day, your kind words may be just what is needed to get through a difficult shift.  The elderly woman you smile at and open the door for may have recently lost her husband and now finds herself alone and desperate for someone to care.  The opportunities are all around us.  When we make it a priority to speak life into the darkness, we will see joy fall all around us, and we will make a positive impact on our world.