We are another week closer to returning to the Lot 10 Campground and the “Monster Mile” for another exciting race weekend in Dover, Delaware. This campground has been very kind to the Victory Weekend team, and we are excited to return for the first time in 2018.

Again, we are blessed to be surrounded by musical talent, as we will welcome Southern Edge and the Jess Zimmerman Band to join us in this ministry. Both of these bands joined us in Dover last year, and the crowd of excited race fans loved every moment of it! These talented musicians have been integral in the success we have seen at the Lot 10 Campground. This is due not just to their apparent musical abilities, but also to their choice to interact and become a part of the fans’ lives.

We are also hopeful to collaborate once again with Raceway Ministries while we are in Dover. The fine folks with Raceway Ministries jumped right in during previous events, and together, we ensured that everyone had a wonderful time and knew about the love and grace of Jesus.

The Victory Weekend team asks for your prayers that the Lord will give us favor and give us the right words to say—words that will stir the hearts of those whom God brings before us.

If you feel God is leading you to become more involved with this ministry, we invite you to contact us through our volunteer page.