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Dear Friend,

Writing this letter and reflecting on the past 45 years of ministry, I immediately think of God’s faithfulness. I won’t say these past years haven’t been without difficulty, but within those times, God has shown me that He has never left nor forsaken me, just like He promised Joshua in chapter 1 verse 5. I have fond memories of hearing Doug Oldham sing on the Old Time Gospel Hour with Dr. Jerry Falwell, “We’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, and He’s never failed us yet.” I can assure you my friend, He never will!

On July 7, 1970, I surrendered my life to Christ. It has been a walk of faith ever since that moment. He has led me to preach His Word from churches and tent revivals to festivals and foreign countries. The first book I wrote was Live the Adventure, and my life has truly been an adventure! There are so many wonderful memories and so many miracles. The most significant memories to me are the ones of that one hand being raised or that person stepping out of the crowd to say, “Yes, I want a personal relationship with Christ!” It fills my heart with joy and keeps me motivated to continue the work of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ!

God’s faithfulness to this ministry can be seen in the means He’s used to reach people with His love. For many years we held evangelistic outreaches designed to bring local churches into unity as one. By 2010, the ministry had conducted over 100 city-wide events that were first titled Encounters before switching over to Festivals in the latter years. God blessed us with the opportunity to preach His Word to tens of thousands of people and to see countless thousands accept the call to salvation.

After several years of spreading God’s Word through galas based on the books I co-authored with Benita Long, Come to the Table and Share the Bounty, a new door of evangelism was opened through Victory Weekend events at NASCAR races. We have entered our 8th year of ministry through this venue and continue to gain traction. I have seen countless people reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ and heard many stories of how lives have been transformed. Just recently at Dover International Speedway, more than 20 people made decisions for Christ and 31 veterans, active duty military, and first responders were honored for their service to this country. All glory be to God!

Recently, the ministry was given an innovative program called Lodestar Guidance. My dear friend Paul Weaver began the program when he realized his employees could be more effective if trained on 48 key principles to live and lead. Skills can be easily learned but building character is an intentional process that takes time to cultivate. Soon, the program was being used by other businesses, churches, and families and seeing the same results.

In 2015, a divine sequence of events unfolded enabling the ministry to purchase 524-acres of land in Smoke Hole, WV, and the vision for the Lodestar Mountain Inn was born. Plans were made for the inn to be a spiritual retreat center for pastors, business leaders, veter­ans, and all those who have grown weary through life’s battles and stressors – a place of solace and peace surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.


  • 524-acres
  • Weaver House construction materials and furniture
  • 5 tractor trailer loads of building materials
  • Massey-Ferguson tractor
  • 2 ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles)
  • Ventrac tractor with mower, bush hog, blade, and bucket
  • Excavation
  • Many man hours of volunteer service
  • $1 million for construction

God willing, by the end of June we will have 15 rooms available and the barn that we were given from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, will be erected this summer as our event center. The event center foundation has been laid and awaits further construction. If you have not been to the Lodestar Mountain Inn, call our office today to plan your trip to see and experience what God has done and is doing. This has truly been a miracle on the mountain and a testimony to His faithfulness.



  • Weaver House – $400,000
  • Chapel – $125,000
  • New road, pond beds, and excavation – $170,000

In Progress:

  • 2 cottages – $400,000
  • Evangel House – $500,000
  • Event Center – $600,000

On May 28-31, 2019, we hosted our first event at the Lodestar Mountain Inn. For the past four years, I have been an instructor for a Doctorate of Ministry class at Multnomah Seminary in Portland, Oregon. This year the students participated in our 7th annual Memorial Day Community Celebration at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds (VA) on Monday, May 27, 2019. On Tuesday-Friday (May 28-31, 2019), I taught on Servant Leadership and Evangelism during their stay at the Lodestar Mountain Inn. I cannot begin to express to you how excited I was to host our first official event! Plans are under way for our first pastor’s conference this fall. Please be in prayer over this very important event.

The ministry is in conversation with two organizations that serve our veterans. They already have a great program and are in need of a facility, which God has blessed this ministry with. We, the Body of Christ, must stand with those who have served and are serving this great country. We may not be able to make a difference for all, but we can for some.

We still need your help to complete the Lodestar Mountain Inn. Once again, a dear friend of the ministry is offering a matching challenge of $500,000! For every dollar donated, it will be doubled up to this amount. Will you prayerfully consider an investment in the construction of the Lodestar Mountain Inn? I assure you your investment will reap eternal rewards.

In His service,



Steve Wingfield

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